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Instagram is testing a feature to let you share feed posts just with ‘Close Friends’

Instagram users have been complaining for a while about the impersonal nature of the social [...]

Apple says iPhone and iPad apps will show up on the visionOS App Store from the get-go

While Apple’s famed Vision Pro headset is not available for purchase, the company is making [...]

Qept is a simple iOS note-taking app that is all about texting yourself

People have a habit of using messaging apps to send things to themselves. So much [...]

X, formerly Twitter, is now letting paid users hide their likes

Elon Musk-owned X, formerly Twitter, is now rolling out a feature for paid users to [...]

WordPress is now selling 100-year domains

WordPress, a company that has been around for 20 years, is now selling domains with [...]

After Threads, Bluesky also adds a way to see your own likes

Bluesky introduced a bunch of updates on Friday to its mobile apps and website including [...]

An X glitch is breaking native images, links posted before December 2014

A glitch on X, formerly Twitter, seems to have broken links and images posted using [...]