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SpaceX says Starlink ‘network issue’ has been resolved

Photo by Nilay Patel / The Verge SpaceX said Tuesday evening that it fixed an [...]

The iPhone is getting new ringtones

The ringtones might be good enough to keep you from using that Action Button to [...]

Your Wyze webcam might have let other owners peek into your house

Image: Wyze Some Wyze security camera owners reported Friday that they were unexpectedly able to [...]

Reddit can now translate posts

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Roblox: all the news about the popular social and gaming platform

Illustration: The Verge The giant metaverse platform is huge with kids and getting more popular [...]

Roblox wants to be a dating app

Screenshot from Roblox’s RDC 2023 keynote video Roblox really wants to move beyond being an [...]

X’s new terms of service insist that tweets are now posts

The Verge X really wants you to forget about Twitter — and that includes in [...]

YouTube is going to remove some ad controls for creators

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Apple signs new agreement with Arm that goes past 2040

Illustration: The Verge Apple has struck a deal with the chip design company Arm that [...]

Judge dismisses Republican lawsuit against Google over Gmail’s spam filtering

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge A federal judge in California’s eastern district has [...]