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America’s largest independent video store is taking its DVD-by-mail service nationwide

After September 29th, Netflix will no longer rent DVDs by mail and will be winding [...]

Twitter spinoff Bluesky hits 1 million users

Bluesky, one of the most notable alternatives to the platform formerly known as Twitter, has [...]

Tesla is installing 20,000 chargers across Hilton properties in North America

Tesla and Hilton have struck a deal to make EV charging more accessible while attracting [...]

Walgreens agrees to pay $44 million to Theranos blood test customers

There was a time when Walgreens championed Theranos’ blood tests and offered them at “wellness [...]

Opera’s game-focused browser gets an AI ‘copilot’

Opera has rolled out a new version of its browser for gamers with the same [...]

Japan launched an X-ray telescope more advanced than its peers

Japan’s space agency has launched a rocket on September 6 at 7:42 PM EDT carrying [...]

Disney+ is tempting new and returning subscribers with a $2-per-month teaser offer

You can enjoy Disney’s subscription service for a fraction of its usual price if you [...]

TikTok starts migrating European users’ data to its first local data center

TikTok has started migrating its European users’ data to its long-promised center in Ireland. The [...]

Nintendo’s new mobile game lets you pluck Pikmin on your browser

Nintendo has teamed up with Niantic for a new Pikmin mobile game that’s mostly good [...]

Google’s Nest Aware subscription service gets a $20 price hike

Google Nest device owners will have to pay at least $20 more if they want [...]