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NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Adjusts Course Ahead of Historic Asteroid Sample Return

A mighty spacecraft is headed towards Earth, carrying rock and dust from a distant asteroid [...]

New Analysis of 1970s Moonquakes Reveals an Unexpected Origin

Sensors placed on the surface of the Moon during the Apollo 17 mission picked up [...]

Wind Satellite’s Final Moments Captured Before Intentional Destruction

In late July, the Aeolus Earth Explorer satellite plunged through Earth’s atmosphere to burn up [...]

Watch Live as Japan Launches Moon Landing Mission, X-Ray Satellite

Japan is gearing up for its first landing attempt on the Moon, launching a lunar [...]

The Pentagon Might Be Launching a Hypersonic Missile from Cape Canaveral This Week

A secretive launch planned for this week from Florida’s Cape Canaveral could be a test [...]

Launch Uncertainty Lingers as Ariane 6 Rocket Undergoes Engine Test

Following numerous delays and technical hiccups, the Ariane 6 rocket is undergoing a series of [...]

Ouch! Jupiter Just Got Smacked By an Unidentified Celestial Object

As the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter is not one to play with. [...]

Lawsuit Blasts Amazon’s Choice of Bezos’ Blue Origin for Project Kuiper

An Amazon shareholder has filed a lawsuit against the company’s founder Jeff Bezos and its [...]

Hubble, Webb Telescopes Team Up to Study Jupiter’s Tumultuous Volcanic Moon

Jupiter’s orbit is swarming with nearly 100 moons, but none are as hardcore as the [...]

India’s Moon Mission Makes Unprecedented Measurements at the Lunar South Pole

It’s been less than a week since India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission became the first to touch [...]