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San Francisco requests redo on Cruise, Waymo robotaxi expansion hearing

San Francisco has formally requested state regulators redo an August hearing that expanded robotaxi permits [...]

EU considers imposing tariffs against Chinese EV companies

The European Commission is considering imposing punitive tariffs to protect European Union automakers against cheaper [...]

Tesla robotaxi concept looks like a two-seater Cybertruck

An image of a Cybertruck-inspired Tesla robotaxi concept was revealed in the new Elon Musk [...]

BMW feels the heat, stops charging for warming cheeks

When BMW started charging an $18 per month subscription for heated seats in 2022, the [...]

Cruise nears approval to mass-produce robotaxis with no steering wheel, pedals

Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt said Thursday at an investor conference that the company is close [...]

The question of gig worker status in Massachusetts is back on

A year ago, a Massachusetts court ruled to throw out a 2022 proposed ballot measure [...]

Affordable, high-tech EVs in focus at Munich’s IAA Mobility 2023

Automakers around the world have been making an appearance this week at IAA Mobility 2023 [...]

Google brings that cheap flight data and the feds investigate Elon’s glass house

Welcome back to The Station, your central hub for all past, present and future means [...]

Fisker confirms Foxconn will build its $29,900 Pear EV, but questions remain

EV startup Fisker revealed more details about its $29,900 Pear electric urban lifestyle crossover vehicle [...]

Biden offers $15.5B to boost battery and EV manufacturing

The United States Department of Energy is dedicating $15.5 billion to support the transition to [...]