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Stability AI debuts Stable Audio bringing text to audio generation to the masses

Stability AI today announced the initial public release of its Stable Audio technology, providing anyone [...]

MLPerf 3.1 adds large language model benchmarks for inference

Vendor neutral, multi-stakeholder MLCommons, which allows orgs to report on AI performance, has released its [...]

Couchbase aims to boost developer database productivity with Capella IQ AI tool

Think of Capella IQ as a copilot for developers: The new tool uses generative AI [...]

UserTesting expands platform with generative AI to scale human insights

The new UserTesting AI features are intended to help customers scale up experience research efforts [...]

Google shows off what’s next for Vertex AI, foundation models

Google announced enhancements and new capabilities across its Vertex AI platform, including developer tooling and [...]

Rockset to boost real-time database for AI era with $44M raise

Rockset finds that applications need real-time indexing on vector embeddings as well as on traditional [...]

Modular looks to boost AI mojo with $100M funding raise

AI deployment across different types of hardware is complex. Modular aims to help solve that [...]

Twilio expands CustomerAI capabilities with generative and predictive AI

New Twilio CustomerAI capabilities use voice intelligence, predictive analytics and generative journeys to help build [...]

IBM taps watsonx generative AI to help modernize COBOL on mainframes

IBM is now using generative AI large language models (LLMs) to help bring COBOL applications [...]