HPE Alletra Storage Offers Security and Availability in Healthcare

HPE Alletra Storage Offers Security and Availability in Healthcare

The use of electronic health records, the growing importance of data analytics and the need to meet regulatory requirements all influence the data storage needs of healthcare organizations.

In addition to the sheer volume of data that needs to be stored, healthcare organizations also require high availability and robust security standards that guarantee protection of highly sensitive protected health information and, ultimately, improved delivery of care.

HPE’s Alletra storage systems, in particular the Alletra 6000 and Alletra 9000 — both engineered with cloud-native design, tested and validated by Epic, and certified for MEDITECH use — help ensure 24/7/365 access to patient data and efficient clinical workflows.

Rick Banzi, solution business manager for the Americas at HPE, explains that an increasing number of analytics tools are being developed to ingest and process large data sets.

“That means we need more robust systems as far as scale and performance goes, and that’s really changing the landscape because there is a need for bigger, faster systems to run that data and store the data,” he says.

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