Learn six languages and explore new skills with this $30 online education bundle

Learn six languages and explore new skills with this $30 online education bundle

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TL;DR: As of August 26, get The Language Learner Lifetime Subscription Bundle ft. uTalk for only $29.97.

Learning a language is hard. Learning a language without a good teacher is even harder. Whether you’re studying Cantonese or Croatian, Irish or Italian, you might consider trying out uTalk’s intuitive language lessons.

This language-learning app has over 140 options for what you can study, but you can only pick six with this deal. Get a Lifetime Subscription to uTalk and unlimited access to an expansive eLearning platform called StackSkills for just $29.97 during this Labor Day Sale. 

Compared to 140 languages, six may not seem like much. Still, that’s more than 97% of the world can speak, and a lifetime subscription might give you enough time to do it. 

uTalk isn’t all memorization, either. You can switch between over 60 different learning topics with up to 180 hours of language lessons to access on your Mac, PC, Android, or iOS device. You can also just pull it up in your browser, and your progress is synced across devices. You can even work offline. 

An international flight before a vacation is a fun chance for a last-minute cram session to brush up on your real-world language skills. You can even relax by playing speaking games that combine education and entertainment. 

StackSkills is a chance to explore new interests, hobbies, and careers. You’ll get unlimited access to a curated library of over 1,000 courses, with 50 new ones added monthly. Courses cover a wide range of topics. Give coding a try or see if graphic design looks fun. Learn more about business, marketing, and finance, or find out if the guitar is the instrument for you. 

Work on your personal growth with this language and skills deal.

Get the Language Learner Lifetime Subscription Bundle featuring uTalk for $29.97 through September 4 at 11:59 p.m. PT — no coupon needed.

Prices subject to change.

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