Logo Designing Service Cheap price Professional work


Avaibility: In Stock

Money-Back Guaranteed

Delivery Time: 24 hours


We will provide you a logo designing service for a cheap price

and it will not take more than 24 hours to be done 

you can see some of our past work in the gallery

please include the information we want as a note in payment page to start the job

like :

what colors do you want

do you like Bold or Normal font

do you like to depend on the words to make the logo or you want a symbol next to the word

if you want to make it 3D that will cost extra money for it

what you will get eventually is a PSD file  for the logo we designed for you

and if you did not like the logo we can make another one for FREE 

if you wanted some editing we will do it for FREE

if you did not like the logo we designed at all you will have two options

1- take your money back

2- ask for another logo design

You can always contact us through live Chat or Email 

we will be very happy to serve you

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