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Pulitzer Winner Michael Chabon Sues Meta for Allegedly Using His Copyrighted Material to Train AI

Authors are suing Meta for allegedly using their works to train its Llama artificial intelligence [...]

Roblox Dev Arrested at Game Event for Allegedly Having Concealed Firearm, Large-Capacity Magazine

An independent developer for the kids-focused build-your-own game “metaverse” Roblox was booked into jail Sunday [...]

Three Decades After Launch, Microsoft’s WordPad Is Headed to the Trash Bin

Microsoft is deprecating its WordPad software from Windows, leading to the end of a decades-old [...]

Did a Right-Wing Network Interview a Fake AI Trump?

With the proliferation of generative AI, we’ve come to the point where technology has helped [...]

Citizen Suspends Sales of CZ Smartwatch Over ‘Technical Software Issues’

Watchmaker Citizen’s latest attempt at making a traditional-looking but simultaneously tech-heavy smartwatch hasn’t gone to [...]

The Feds Asked TikTok for Lots of Domestic Spying Features

US government regulators reportedly tried to come to an agreement with TikTok to prevent banning [...]