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Palantir Among First Tech Firms to Promise White House They Won’t Use AI for Evil

The Biden administration is trying to take a paternalistic role in stewarding the development of [...]

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Lightspeed Presents: ‘Money in the Bank’ by John Kessel and Bruce Sterling

io9 is proud to present fiction from Lightspeed Magazine. Once a month, we feature a [...]

Sonos Says New Move 2 Speaker Can Play Music for 24 Hours Before It Needs a Charge

Sonos has revealed the second-gen successor of its portable Bluetooth speaker. The Sonos Move 2 [...]

Generative AI at an inflection point: What’s next for real-world adoption?

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The Best Free AI Art Generators, Ranked

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Meta Reportedly Looking to Give Europeans an Ad-Free Option on Its Platforms

Meta is a multi-headed behemoth of a tech company, but for all its hungry maws, [...]