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Five ways CISOs are using AI to protect their employees’ digital devices and identities

AI tools are proving effective in identifying anomalies and potential threats in real time, ultimately [...]

With ‘GitHub for data,’ Gable.ai wants to connect software engineers and ML developers

Seattle’s Gable.ai launched out of stealth today, with $7 million in seed funding, to build [...]

MLPerf 3.1 adds large language model benchmarks for inference

Vendor neutral, multi-stakeholder MLCommons, which allows orgs to report on AI performance, has released its [...]

Generative AI in production: Rethinking development and embracing best practices

For apps built on LLMs, the engineering mindset of predictable debugging and software testing and [...]

Why the latest $1 billion AI startup doesn’t want to beat OpenAI

Focusing on explainable AI agents, the vision is that reasoned, trustworthy AI tools will unlock [...]

SAP acquires LeanIX to focus on AI-assisted IT modernization

A long-standing partner of SAP, LeanIX gives enterprises a common language and single source of [...]

Visa’s report makes a case for outsmarting payment fraud with AI now

E-commerce, retailers, and mass merchants can’t afford to lose the AI war to attackers. With [...]

Salesforce announces Slack AI with unread message summaries and more

Salesforce today announced Slack AI, new generative AI-powered smarts that will be natively integrated into [...]

Zoom launches AI Companion to summarize meetings for late attendees

It can also answer specific questions about meeting content and automatically generate summaries, identify important [...]

Senate meeting with top AI leaders will be ‘closed-door,’ no press or public allowed

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s first AI Insight Forum, to be held on September 13, [...]