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The stories your clothes could tell: How Ahluwalia and EON are powering sustainable fashion with technology

Scanning your clothes to reveal their hidden stories, or immortalising the sound waves of your [...]

Reimagining Croydon with Minecraft: The Design Future London Challenge winners of 2023

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The call centre wait times that leave UK customers hanging on for up to 85 minutes

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NHS England and Microsoft landmark deal enables healthcare workers to maximise time for care

A new landmark deal between NHS England and Microsoft marks a significant milestone in the [...]

How AI is helping to shrink waiting times for NHS cancer patients

The National Health Service at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge is now able to plan radiotherapy [...]

The UK studios making waves at the Xbox Games Showcase 2023

For gamers around the world, the Xbox Games Showcase is one of the most exciting [...]

Breaking Barriers: Unlocking the talent of refugees

When Joy Omigie talks about her life, she exudes warmth and kindness, sharing her hopes [...]