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With ‘GitHub for data,’ Gable.ai wants to connect software engineers and ML developers

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MLPerf 3.1 adds large language model benchmarks for inference

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Why the latest $1 billion AI startup doesn’t want to beat OpenAI

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Zoom launches AI Companion to summarize meetings for late attendees

It can also answer specific questions about meeting content and automatically generate summaries, identify important [...]

Senate meeting with top AI leaders will be ‘closed-door,’ no press or public allowed

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s first AI Insight Forum, to be held on September 13, [...]

AI21 Labs co-founder says ‘we usually win’ when competing with OpenAI for enterprise business

VentureBeat spoke with AI21 Labs co-founder Yoav Shoham after the company’s $155 million funding announcement [...]

Generative AI at an inflection point: What’s next for real-world adoption?

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How businesses can achieve greener generative AI with more sustainable inference

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