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Palantir Among First Tech Firms to Promise White House They Won’t Use AI for Evil

The Biden administration is trying to take a paternalistic role in stewarding the development of [...]

MLPerf 3.1 adds large language model benchmarks for inference

Vendor neutral, multi-stakeholder MLCommons, which allows orgs to report on AI performance, has released its [...]

Generative AI at an inflection point: What’s next for real-world adoption?

The race for GPU domination is but a snapshot in generative AI’s unfolding narrative, a [...]

How businesses can achieve greener generative AI with more sustainable inference

Why a server-on-a-chip operating on far less power and GPUs can create cost-conscious, environmentally-sound, democratized [...]

A new way to optimize and prioritize AI projects for the GPU shortage

The GPU shortage is a challenge, but zeroing in on a Contribution Per GPU method [...]

AI This Week: Chuck’s Big Meeting with Zuck and Elon

In what is sure to be welcome news for lazy office workers everywhere, you can [...]

Lenovo’s Legion Go Is a Gaming Laptop in Handheld Form

Lenovo introduced its first Windows gaming handheld device today, the Legion Go. The Steam Deck-like [...]

AI21 Labs raises $155M to accelerate generative AI for enterprises

Israel-based large language model leader AI21 Labs confirmed with VentureBeat that is has closed $155 [...]

Nvidia is flying high thanks to AI

When Nvidia announced eye-popping earnings on Wednesday with three-digit year-over-year growth, it was easy to [...]

Nvidia reports record Q2 results driven by surging data center demand

Record second quarter revenues and continued focus on R&D and complete AI infrastructure indicate a [...]