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Pulitzer Winner Michael Chabon Sues Meta for Allegedly Using His Copyrighted Material to Train AI

Authors are suing Meta for allegedly using their works to train its Llama artificial intelligence [...]

Palantir Among First Tech Firms to Promise White House They Won’t Use AI for Evil

The Biden administration is trying to take a paternalistic role in stewarding the development of [...]

AI Study Says Sometimes It’s Good When Executives Act Like Robots

If you’ve ever had the privilege (or curse) of listening in on a corporate earnings [...]

Oculus Founder Palmer Lucky’s Newest Toy Is a High-Speed Autonomous Aircraft

Palmer Lucky, the Trump-thumping founder of the Oculus virtual reality headset is diving into the [...]

A new way to optimize and prioritize AI projects for the GPU shortage

The GPU shortage is a challenge, but zeroing in on a Contribution Per GPU method [...]

AI This Week: Chuck’s Big Meeting with Zuck and Elon

In what is sure to be welcome news for lazy office workers everywhere, you can [...]

The Best Free AI Art Generators, Ranked

You now can’t go anywhere without finding some company shouting from the rooftops about generative [...]

Couchbase aims to boost developer database productivity with Capella IQ AI tool

Think of Capella IQ as a copilot for developers: The new tool uses generative AI [...]

AI21 Labs raises $155M to accelerate generative AI for enterprises

Israel-based large language model leader AI21 Labs confirmed with VentureBeat that is has closed $155 [...]

UserTesting expands platform with generative AI to scale human insights

The new UserTesting AI features are intended to help customers scale up experience research efforts [...]