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Palantir Among First Tech Firms to Promise White House They Won’t Use AI for Evil

The Biden administration is trying to take a paternalistic role in stewarding the development of [...]

Chinese Government Officials Banned From Using iPhones at Work

Central Chinese government officials are banned from using iPhones in the workplace, the Wall Street [...]

The Pentagon Might Be Launching a Hypersonic Missile from Cape Canaveral This Week

A secretive launch planned for this week from Florida’s Cape Canaveral could be a test [...]

Lawsuit Accuses Twitter of Helping Saudi Arabia Pursue Online Dissidents

A lawsuit accuses the company formerly known as Twitter (now renamed X by Elon Musk) [...]

Facebook Rejects Its Own Supreme Court’s Order to Ban Cambodia’s Ex-Prime Minister

Meta has rejected its own Oversight Board’s recommendation to immediately suspend the Facebook and Instagram [...]

The Feds Asked TikTok for Lots of Domestic Spying Features

US government regulators reportedly tried to come to an agreement with TikTok to prevent banning [...]