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The US Congress Has Trust Issues. Generative AI Is Making It Worse

Senators are meeting with Silicon Valley’s elite to learn how to deal with AI. But [...]

Axon’s Ethics Board Resigned Over Taser-Armed Drones. Then the Company Bought a Military Drone Maker

The CEO’s vision for Taser-equipped drones includes a fictitious scenario in which the technology averts [...]

US and UK Mount Aggressive Crackdown on Trickbot and Conti Ransomware Gangs

Authorities have sanctioned 11 alleged members of the cybercriminal groups, while the US Justice Department [...]

The International Criminal Court Will Now Prosecute Cyberwar Crimes

And the first case on the docket may well be Russia’s cyberattacks against civilian critical [...]

How China Demands Tech Firms Reveal Hackable Flaws in Their Products

Some foreign companies may be complying—potentially offering China’s spies hints for hacking their customers. [...]

The Strange Afterlife of Wagner’s Yevgeny Prigozhin

Posts praising the Wagner Group boss following his death in a mysterious plane crash last [...]

2 Polish Men Arrested for Radio Hack That Disrupted Trains

Plus: A major FBI botnet takedown, new Sandworm malware, a cyberattack on two major scientific [...]

The Cheap Radio Hack That Disrupted Poland’s Railway System

The sabotage of more than 20 trains in Poland by apparent supporters of Russia was [...]

The Low-Stakes Race to Crack an Encrypted German U-Boat Message

A ramshackle team of American scientists scrambled to decode the Nazi cipher before the time [...]

This Tool Lets Hackers Dox Almost Anyone in the US

The US Secret Service’s relationship with the Oath Keepers gets revealed, Tornado Cash cofounders get [...]