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Hands-on: Apple’s iPhone 15 Finally Feels Like an Upgrade

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Apple Shows Off Watch Series 9 With a New Gesture: Double Tap

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Palantir Among First Tech Firms to Promise White House They Won’t Use AI for Evil

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New Analysis of 1970s Moonquakes Reveals an Unexpected Origin

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Google: Pay No Attention to the iPhone Behind the Curtain

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Chinese Government Officials Banned From Using iPhones at Work

Central Chinese government officials are banned from using iPhones in the workplace, the Wall Street [...]

Watch Live as Japan Launches Moon Landing Mission, X-Ray Satellite

Japan is gearing up for its first landing attempt on the Moon, launching a lunar [...]

Sonos Says New Move 2 Speaker Can Play Music for 24 Hours Before It Needs a Charge

Sonos has revealed the second-gen successor of its portable Bluetooth speaker. The Sonos Move 2 [...]

If You’ve Got a New Car, It’s a Data Privacy Nightmare

Bad news: your car is a spy. If your vehicle was made in the last [...]