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Deal Dive: Elder tech is expanding beyond reactive solutions

Bold creates personalized exercise programs for seniors to reduce injury. It’s one of the latest [...]

Access code: Evidence brings open source BI to technical data teams

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Deal Dive: I think I know why this company can’t land a deal

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Opna wants to help companies hit ‘net zero’ by finding and funding carbon projects

The race to net zero has led thousands of businesses to commit to eliminating their greenhouse [...]

Deal Dive: A cellular ag startup with a real moat

Would you eat lab-grown meat? Would you give the same answer if someone asked you [...]

Walmart pays $3.5 billion to increase stake in India’s Flipkart

Walmart has spent $3.5 billion this year to acquire shares from certain Flipkart stakeholders and [...]

How to pitch me: 15 investors talk about what they’re looking for in August 2023

“I suggest reaching out right before Labor Day to set up a meeting in September [...]

MFast get backing from Wavemaker Partners to increase financial services access in Vietnam

The majority of Vietnam’s population live in rural areas and often lack access to financial [...]

The scoop on Gen-Z and how they are rewriting the rules of the Internet

Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts. Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about [...]

Bitcoin startups remain undercapitalized as funding drought drags on

The crypto industry has not had a great run over the past year. Along with [...]